The most delicious strawberry dessert: strawberry bavarois


Ingredients for 4 – 6 glasses :

• 500 ml whipped cream
• 1oo gram Brandnewcake Bavaroise strawberry powder
• 120 ml of water
• 400 grams of strawberries
• 1 lemon, zest and juice
• 4 tablespoons of fine granulated sugar
• 3 leaves of gelatin
Additional needed :
• Mixer/food processor
• Spatula
• Household foil
• 100 grams of strawberries
• Possibly. a sprig of mint

Preparation method Bavarois :

• Beat the whipped cream (yoghurt thickness)
• Mix the bavarois powder and the water together
• Fold the mixture directly into the whipped cream
• Divide the bavarois over the glasses, I like to first put the bavarois in a piping bag and then divide it over the glasses. This works easily and quickly, but even with 2 spoons you get bavarois well distributed over the glasses
• Place the slides in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour
strawberry jelly :
• Soak the gelatin in plenty of cold water
• Puree the strawberries
• Mix the lemon zest and sugar through the pureed strawberries
• Heat the lemon juice
• Squeeze the gelatin well and mix it through the warm lemon juice
• Mix the strawberry mixture and the warm lemon juice together and let it cool down a bit
• Remove the glasses from the refrigerator and divide the strawberry jelly over the strawberry bavarois
• Put the glasses back in the refrigerator and let them set covered for at least 2 hours
• Just before serving, decorate the strawberry bavarois with a few strawberries cut into pieces and possibly. a sprig of mint