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Horticulture business is booming, in West-Brabant. When strawberry cultivator Jong Fruit of Dongen (North-Brabant) keeps expanding, and moves into production all year round, the need for workers grows, as well.

The (international) worker database grew so much, at some point, that even fellow cultivators came knocking at our door for workers. Besides that, demand for temporary workers increases outside peak season, as well. Hence, we grew from 8 workers in 2006 to 450 workers in 2016.

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To take better care of staffing matters, both for workers and for employers, Fruit Jobs was founded. This flexible employment agency tends to the demand for workers, and is the perfect link between the irregular demand for workers, and the work that is on offer.

Fruit Jobs is based in Dongen (North-Brabant). We work with an international team of motivated workers, that can be put to work for either longer or shorter periods. Our clients are large horticulture companies in the area, with whom we often have worked for years.



The history of Jong Fruit goes back to the mid-sixties. Strawberries don’t play any role then; the family business is originally in leeks, Brussels sprouts and spinach.


The bright red summer wrens only come into view later, initially on a small scale. From 1992, when Rob van der Wouw joined the company, Jong Fruit focused entirely on strawberries. The years that follow are marked by growth. One greenhouse after another is being built in the area. The number of meters of tunnel extends further than the eye can see. Tens of thousands of square meters of strawberries make Jong Fruit an important player.


The ambitions extend much further. With the arrival of Arian de Jong, Jong Fruit is becoming a company that is preparing for the next step. Arian thinks big and wants to become one of the biggest players in the industry, while Rob constantly applies new techniques to deliver an even larger volume of strawberries of the best quality.


With the introduction of assimilation lamps in 2006, Jong Fruit is way ahead of the game. In an era where this technology is still in its infancy, Jong Fruit is developing a strategy in-house that reaps more success every year. We can now be proud of our lead over other grow light growers.

Part of a broader business strategy is the construction of more than 30,000 square meters of tray fields for the cultivation of our own plants (Jong Plants), and the start-up of Fruit Jobs, an employment agency for the horticultural sector.

Young Fruit is far from grown. Not only in size, but also in quality and innovation.

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